As a preventive measure, the CESPU Board of Directors suspends the teaching activities of its higher education establishments.


The Board of Directors of CESPU-Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Politécnico e Universitário, crl, after a thorough analysis of the evolution of the flu caused by Covid-19, in Portugal and in the world, hereby announces the following decision.

Taking into account:

» The northern part of our country, where CESPU's teaching establishments are located, namely the University Institute of Health Sciences and the Polytechnic Institute of Health of the North, which integrates the Vale do Ave and the Vale do Sousa Higher School of Health, is the region with the highest incidence of diagnosed cases, in particular the Sousa Valley, the most affected national axis;

» Our educational establishments exclusively offer higher health courses, involving practical classes and internships in hospitals, health centers and other clinical units, where there is a high probability of concentrating suspicions and eventual confirmation of Covid-19 infection;

» We are an institution with a high number of students from abroad, in particular from European countries with an increasing number of infected people

» A large part of the classes, especially those related to gesture training and the acquisition of practical skills, provide physical contact between students and between students and teachers;

» Many teachers work in health institutions where the likelihood of contracting the disease, which can be transmitters during the incubation time.

CESPU's Board of Directors decided to suspend teaching activities in its higher education establishments and internship locations, with the physical closure of most of its own facilities, exclusively guaranteeing the designated minimum services. In these, the guidelines issued by the General Health Directorate will be complied with. This academic stop will continue until Friday, March 20, the day on which a statement will be issued indicating the date of the restart of classes, and / or other measures considered timely.

To date, there has been no case diagnosed in our institution, but we understand, for the reasons presented, that this is the decision that best protects all our students, teachers, employees, their families and the general population.

A. Almeida Dias, Phd

Chairman of the Board of Directors


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