graduated in Biology from FCUP in 2006. On her final Licentiate degree internship, she worked on the development of an in vitro methodology for the assessment of insulin bioactivity upon its nanoencapsulation. In 2008, she completed an MSc in Biology from FCUP. On her MSc, she focused on the characterization of the molecular alterations in spindle assembly checkpoint in oral tumor cells. In 2006, she started working as an Invited Assistant Professor at IUCS/CESPU, lecturing theoretical, practical and theoretical-practical classes in the fields of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Cytogenetics, Microbiology and Clinical Toxicology to several BSc and MSc degrees, including the 1st Cycle of Studies in Forensic Laboratory Sciences and the 2nd Cycle of Studies in Forensic Sciences and Laboratory Techniques. She also became member of the Pedagogic Council of the same institution. During her research path, she also integrated teams dedicated to the study of the secretory pathway of proteins with biotechnological interest and of pharmacogenetic variations with toxicological relevance. She concluded the PhD (Doctoral Program in Biomedicine, from FMUP) in 2018, and she is an investigator at UCIBIO - REQUIMTE - Associate Laboratory for Green Chemistry, Technology and Clean Processes and member of the Research Line in Forensic Sciences Research of IINFACTS - Advanced Institute of Research and Training in Health Sciences and Technology. She is interested in opioid pharmacogenetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and toxicology.