About the program/course of study

The Higher Professional Technician in Bioanalyses and Control is a professional capable of planning, promoting, coordinating and performing, whether autonomously or as part of a team, operations inherent to the laboratory analysis process. This professional can perform their functions in quality control laboratories for water and food, in industrial laboratories of various branches, in clinical and veterinary sample analysis laboratories and in teaching institution laboratories, participating both in supporting training and supporting research.

 This course has the objective of training the following specific skills:

a. Planning, perfecting and performing procedures of chemical, microbiological and biochemical analyses in the laboratory context;

b. Planning and executing the sequence of laboratory analysis actions, selecting the most appropriate methodology for the desired measurement;

c. Coordinate and optimize the processing of the registration and treatment of the results obtained over the course of the laboratory process;

d. Outline, control and enhance the material and equipment preparation procedures necessary to carry out laboratory analyses;

e. Perform, validate and promote the quality control of the analyses/laboratory tests;

f. Ensure and enhance compliance with the safety norms and procedures defined as part of the accreditation and certification processes;

g. Collaborate in the creation of maintenance and organization plans for the laboratory area and equipment;

h. Coordinate the application of basic laboratory hygiene and safety rules.


Qualification level

Confers a diploma of higher professional technician


Access requirements

In accordance with Article 40 E of DL no. 63/2016 of 13 September, the HPTC courses taught at IPSN are open to: a. Those who have completed secondary education or legal equivalent; b. Those who pass special exams to evaluate capacity to attend higher education for those over 23 years old, held, for the course in question, in accordance with the terms of DL no. 64/2006, of 21 March, altered by DL no. 113/2014, of 16 July and DL no. 63/2016 of 13 September. The HPTC is also open to applicants who hold a technological specialization diploma, a higher professional technician diploma or a higher education degree.


Type of recognition

The skills of the Higher Professional Technician in Bioanalyses and Control are diverse and may be exercised in different contexts, such as: a. Chemical, biochemical and biotechnology laboratories; b. Environmental quality evaluation laboratories; c. Food and water analysis laboratories; d. Veterinary and clinical sample analysis laboratories; e. Laboratories in secondary schools and institutions of higher education; f. Laboratory material and equipment companies, among others.



Primary scientific areas


No. of Mandatory Credits

Biology and Biochemistry


Position within the Organization/Company


Safety and Hygiene at Work


Public Health Services


Therapy and Rehabilitation


Social and Behavioral Sciences