About the program/course of study

The Higher Professional Technician in Balneology and Well-Being is a professional who is capable of managing and applying massage techniques, coordinating the cleaning process, intervene in the maintenance of equipment and optimizing the resources inherent to thermal baths and spas, to promote the general well-being of the individual.

This course has the objective of training the following specific skills:

- Planning, coordinating and performing massages, thermal techniques, aesthetics and well-being according to the needs of the individual and managing the communication and interaction between health professionals;

- Manage, evaluate and advise the individual regarding the therapies that promote well-being, namely thermal, nutritional and aesthetic therapies;

- Plan and ensure that the adequate procedures and techniques for massages, nutritional, thermal and aesthetic treatments are performed;

- Optimize human and material resources by coordinating the cleaning process and intervening in the maintenance and preservation of the facilities, equipment and products applied during the massages, nutritional, thermal and aesthetic treatments;

- Manage the registry of the thermal, well-being and aesthetic activities performed and manage the resolution of any problems observed or reported by the individual or the collaborators;

- Manage and apply complementary therapies and manage information on nutrition and adopting a healthy lifestyle;

- Manage and coordinate the provision of first aid and primary health care;

- Ensure quality and propose and implement creative measures to improve the services provided.


Qualification level

Confers a diploma of higher professional technician


Access requirements

In accordance with Article 40 E of DL no. 63/2016 of 13 September, the HPTC courses taught at IPSN are open to: a. Those who have completed secondary education or legal equivalent; b. Those who pass special exams to evaluate capacity to attend higher education for those over 23 years old, held, for the course in question, in accordance with the terms of DL no. 64/2006, of 21 March, altered by DL no. 113/2014, of 16 July and DL no. 63/2016 of 13 September. The HPTC is also open to applicants who hold a technological specialization diploma, a higher professional technician diploma or a higher education degree.


 Type of recognition

The Higher Professional Technician in Thermalism and Well-Being possesses a range of diverse, alternative functions that they may perform, both autonomously or as part of a team, in: - thermal units; - hotels; - spas; - aesthetic and massage clinics; - beauty centers; - natural medicine clinics; - health clubs; - and other institutions in the area of promoting health and well-being.


Primary scientific areas


No. of Mandatory Credits



Biology and Biochemistry


Pharmaceutical Sciences


Position within the Organization/Company


Safety and Hygiene at Work


Aesthetic Care


Environmental Sciences


Foreign Languages and Literature




Communication Sciences


Therapy and Rehabilitation


Marketing and Publicity