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The site is owned by CESPU, and its administration and content management the responsibility of the entity mentioned in item "Contacts" Portal. The consultation of the information contained on this website does not exempt the user from the responsibility to provide for their validation by the entities responsible for administering the portal.
User Identification
The registered user has a login (word identification) and password (password) that must remain confidential, being solely responsible for their use.
In addition to all the information available to institutional visitors, the registered user will be provided undisclosed.
Use of services
The user is obliged to use the services provided in a manner consistent with the laws and regulations applicable in Portugal this type of service. It is expressly forbidden to use the services of this portal for illicit activities, whether civil, criminal or other, or your violation of any rights of others, the user may be criminally punished according to the laws in force.
Intellectual property rights
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User data
The relevant CESPU are authorized to make the computer processing of user data to the extent permitted by Portuguese law applicable to personal databases. The CESPU undertakes to adopt appropriate technical and administrative measures to protect personal data and not to disclose to third parties information concerning the personal data of its users, or access their information, unless required by law.
Users consent to the creation of usage statistics as well as connection records. These data can be used in administrative and statistical as well as available to others in an impersonal form. The personal data are not provided to entities outside the CESPU.
Is given to registered user to right of opposition, access and rectify their data.
Responsible for the data processing
The entity responsible for handling databases of users is the Department of Information Systems CESPU.
The data of registered users are organized in a database duly registered in the CNDP - National Commission for Data Protection, obliging the Departments of Information Systems CESPU compliance with the relevant statutory requirements Portuguese law applicable to personal databases.
In accessing this website cookies are introduced temporary and encrypted on the computer where it is to be made accessible.
Information collected for statistical purposes
By accessing the website pages are automatically gathered the following information: IP address through which you access the website pages, access date and the pages you visit. This information does not identify you personally. Gathering this information is made for statistical purposes of the site not being prepared individual statistics.
Security and service availability
On the Internet, the information flow is by heterogeneous networks of various features and technical capabilities, and data transmissions only benefit from relative technical reliability, which can disrupt access or even make it impossible for certain periods.
You acknowledge that access to information available depends on the characteristics, constraints, limitations, and use of the media used to CESPU which is completely oblivious and can not take any responsibility for accidental damage of information, namely by unauthorized access to third parties.
 This site and the structure that supports the network can run analysis software and data protection, both for safety reasons, or for reasons of availability same for all users.
Changes in the present utilization
The CESPU may, at any time and without notice, amend the conditions of present use and the services it provides, pledging to inform users of the site changes.
Links - Hypertext Links
A (s) organization (s) administering (m) this site is not responsible (m) the quality or truthfulness of the statements contained in the "websites" refer to where hypertext links, also referred to as "hyperlinks" or " links "to this portal. A (s) organization (s) administering (m) this website, does not have (m) any control over the content, products and services offered by third parties through links embedded in it.
Complaints, comments and suggestions
Complaints, questions, comments or concerns can be submitted to the (s) entity (s) who manages (m) this portal - see item "Contacts" in the portal.
All complaints, questions, comments or questions will be answered to the email address specified by the user.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This site is governed by Portuguese law.
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