About the program/cycle of studies

The study plan of the Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy, taught at the Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Ave, is structured with different curricular units, semester and/or annual, with theoretical, theoretical-practical pedagogical modalities, laboratory practices, tutorial guidance and internship . The development of a critical, research and investigation spirit is stimulated through the participation of students in technical-scientific events with the presentation of works and in their organization. The area of ​​education and health promotion is developed through the provision of actions aimed at the community.


The profession of Pharmacy Technician comprises the development of activities in the medicine circuit, such as analyzes and pharmacological tests, interpretation of therapeutic prescriptions and pharmaceutical formulas, in their preparation, identification and distribution, control of conservation, distribution and stocks of medicines and other products, information and advice on the use of the medication. (Decree-Law n.º 261/93 of 24 July)


As general objectives, this course intends to qualify Pharmacy Technicians with scientific, technical, cultural and human skills, supported by an ethical conscience respecting the individual as a whole and basing their activity on scientific evidence to become a professional of excellence committed to the their professional activity, planning, evaluating and promoting their development to provide better quality of life and health gains to the population.


The Degree in Pharmacy allows students to acquire scientific knowledge, skills and technical competences necessary for the performance of their duties, with professionalism, autonomy and responsibility, respecting the ethical and legal principles inherent to their profession (profile defined in Ordinance nº 782/2009 of 23 July).

The Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy lasts four years (8 semesters) and comprises 240 ECTS.

This degree was accredited by A3ES on 03/05/2022 and is was registered by DGES on 16/05/2022 with nº R/A - CR 41/2022.


Academic Degree

Polytechnic Education, Bachelor's Degree, 1st cycle of studies leading to a Bachelor's degree, ISCED Level 5.


Type of recognition

Completion of the study plan for the Degree in Pharmacy entitles you to access the profession of Pharmacy Technician regulated by Decree-Law 320/99 of 11 August. The professional card must be requested from the Ministry of Health through the ACSS (Central Administration of the Health System).


Entry requirements

Admission into the degree programme can either be gained by successful completion of the national admissions process, by way of ad hoc application processes, or through special admission schemes or as a result of course changes, transfers or readmissions. Applicants via the national admissions process must meet all requirements stipulated in point 8 of the Diploma Supplement. 


Official languages

English (minimum 20 students for the first year and in exceptional cases may extend to the second year)
French (minimum 20 students for the first year and in exceptional cases may extend to the second year)


Course duration

4 years - 8 semesters - 240 ECTS



Registered by DGES on 16/05/2022 with nº R/A - CR 41/2022.