Master Forensic Sciences


About the program/study cycles

The 2° Cycle of Studies in Forensic Sciences aims to create a specific training for professionals to address the issues related to evidence and to obtain the scientific evidence in a multidisciplinary context. This Cycle of Studies will allow, the diversification of the educational opportunities in the geographical area and even nationally, since there are very few courses in this particular area of Forensic Sciences. This objective should also respond to the demand from young people and to the need of development of a professional and scientific market in the forensics technological and laboratorial area. It also aims to promote scientific research in this area, preventing the theorization of practices that arises in the abstract or only supported in foreign counterparts experience. The true is that the expertise in Forensic Sciences, namely in the technological and scientific field, is currently restricted to a few number of professionals and institutions. Thus the expertise in Forensic Sciences to all population cannot guarantee the diversity, quality and impartiality in carrying out rebuttal. The 2nd Cycle of Studies in Forensic Sciences have enormous potential for growth namely due to the fact that many of the professionals in activity do not have higher degrees and those who have it, this does not correspond to a clearly oriented training for their profession.

Students who complete this course of study should be able to develop with some autonomy scientific research in the field of forensic science, particularly in the area of dissertation.

It is aimed to endow future forensic scientists with knowledge and skills to:

  • Assess, quantify and manage the forensic situations, plan, execute and analyze forensic investigation
  • Integrate multidisciplinary teams in order to contribute for judicial or judiciary cooperation
  • To develop master's relevant thesis and to publish works in international journals with peer review
  • Appropriately manage to the crime scene investigation, production and preservation of evidence and presentation of evidence in court
  • In-depth knowledge in various areas of intervention of Forensic Sciences, using the research activity and innovation or by depth professional skills
  • Ability to communicate the results of expertise, the knowledge and reasoning behind them, either to specialists or non-specialists, in a clear and unambiguous form
  • Autonomous learning

Be prepared for a variety of different careers including research, crime investigation, private forensic sciences, etc.


Academic Degree

Course accredited by A3ES for 1 year on 26-05-2022 (NCE); University Education - 2nd cycle of studies leading to a Master's degree.


Official languages

English (minimum 10 students)
French (minimum 10 students)

Course duration

2 years - 4 semesters - 120 ECTS



Aúrea Marília Madureira e Carvalho



D.R. Notice no. 19472/2022, of 29 september