Ciencias Forenses 


About the program/cycle of studies

The 1st Degree in Forensic Sciences Institute of Health Sciences (IUCS-CESPU) offers a training especially focused on Forensic and Criminal Sciences, through the domains of Biochemistry, Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Biomedical.

The graduation in Laboratorial Forensic Sciences will enable students with knowledge and skills in various scientific areas of intervention in Forensic Sciences, suitable for the investigation at the crime scene, production and preservation of evidence and presentation of evidence in court.

The Curriculum Plan combines the capacity of the IUCS-CESPU in training in the Life and Health Sciences, with the experience of experts who daily work in the forensic field. We highlight the collaboration of experts of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Judiciary Police and several other Portuguese and foreign laboratories, with several classes taking place in real scenario. This is considered a key relationship either in the education of the specific area of the course, either for boosting the extracurricular activities of the Cycle of Studies.

The existence of graduates in Laboratorial Forensic Sciences, as a result of this 1st Cycle of Studies, represents a new paradigm since it will turn possible to have a group of professionals with clear expertise to act and intervene in forensic sciences. The general objectives are to train graduates able to solve problems inherent to forensic and criminal sciences, according to valid and recognized procedures and respecting the scientific, social and ethical principles in accordance with the judicial system. It also aims to respond the growing market needs in this area of ​​knowledge, since there are no professionals in adequate number with this degree to working in Portugal. The galloping forward, very grounded in the technological and scientific progress justifies this university academic training, beginning from the first degree.


Academic Degree

The Forensic Sciences Degree has a duration of 3 academic years (6 semesters) in a total of 180 ECTS. It is a course accredited by A3ES since 18-09-2018 for 6 years). It is a university 1st Cycle of Studies leading to a Bachelor's degree - ISCED Level 5. 


Entry requirements


Applies to all candidates who do not hold citizenship /relatives of any country that is a Member State of the European Union; or have not been legal residents in Portugal for more than two years.


  •  Completed secondary school;
  •  Document certifying that the candidate has a national exam of Biology in is education system with the minimum mark of approved in order to substitute our national access exam of Biologia e Geologia, and the respective contents, or take the exam in CESPU


Application Regimes:

General Access: Students who hold a foreign secondary diploma legally equivalent to the Portuguese secondary education. The Portuguese admission exams can be replaced by the equivalent final exams or school-leaving exams required for each degree, duly recognized DGES (Artigo 20º do Decreto-Lei n.º 296-A/98)1.

+23 years old Regime: Students aged over 23 can be admitted to higher education if they successfully completed the special entrance examination that evaluates the capacity to attend higher education courses at CESPU educational establishments, according to the law (DL 64/2006 de 21 de março, alterado pelo Decreto-Lei n.º 113/2014, de 16-07)

 Changing of Course/Institution: Is the act by which a student applies to the same or a different degree from that of the last registration, in the same or in a different institution of higher education, whether or not there was an interruption of the registration in accordance with the Portaria n.º 181-D/2015,  19 of June.

Holder of a Degree: Holders of a Bachelor, master or doctor degree obtained in national or foreign higher education institutions, as long as recognized by Decree law nº66 / 2018  (Decreto-Lei n.º 113/2014, de 16-07)


Official languages

English (minimum 20 students for the first year and in exceptional cases may extend to the second year)
French (minimum 20 students for the first year and in exceptional cases may extend to the second year)


Course duration

3 years - 6 semesters - 180 ECTS



Ricardo Jorge Dinis Oliveira



D.R. Notice no. 18572/2022, of 15 september


Main scientific areas


No. Compulsory


Forensic Sciences



Health Sciences



Social and Legal Sciences



Chemical Sciences



Mathematics and Physics