The student associations and Tunas carry out a wide range of activities to help students resolve any issues.





The IUCS Student Association represents and defends the interests of its students within the university community.

The association has a vast selection of student activities created in the various departments and that range from pedagogical, recreational, student support, academic traditions and external relations. It organizes and promotes workshops as well as sporting, recreational and cultural events. It also provides a wide range of services including the sale of dental materials, the sale or rental of lab coats, and the provision of computer lab equipment with internet access. The AE IUCS card offers a series of discounts and advantages including access to student lounge facilities.

The Student Association is involved in the degree nuclei as well. Each degree has representatives who promote activities appropriate for their field. They collaborate directly with the Student Association to ensure that each initiative can count on the greatest logistical and pedagogical support possible.


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Judging by the number and quality of activities carried out by the ESSVA Academic Association (AAESSVA), no one would guess that this group is a mere 9 years old! It promotes an array of recreational and cultural events including the annual festivities of Student Orientation and the Ribbon Burning (Queima das Fitas) in Vila Nova de Famalicão, celebrations which rival any of the most famous student festivals in the country. AAESSVA also contributes to its local community by promoting and participating in a series of charity initiatives and health care fairs.


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The cultural and recreational activities of the CESPU, CRL, students include their participation in many tunas that represent the different institutions: Oportuna – Men’s Tuna at IUCS and ESSVS; Tuninas – Women’s Tuna at IUCS and ESSVS; Incognituna – Men’s Tuna at ESSVA; and Magistuna – Women’s Tuna at ESSVA. Oportuna is the oldest group and has won an impressive collection of awards over the years. It is known as one of the best tunas in the country. But above and beyond their awards and musical quality, the Tunas of CESPU CRL, arise from the joy and joviality of their performances and the comraderie and friendship between their members.

Contact the respective Student Associations for further information about the academic tunas.