This office provides assistance to students throughout their academic career, from application to their job placement. It helps students integrate into academic life and ensures that they not only are aware of all of the services and resources at their disposal, but also are familiar with how they work.

The fundamental goal of this department is to support students. It provides psychological and counselling services; it informs and guides students with scholarship applications and job placement.


Gandra Campus 
Rua Central de Gandra, 1317
4585-116 Gandra PRD
Tel: +351 224 157 171 | 

Famalicão Campus
Rua José António Vidal, 81
4760-409 Vila Nova de Famalicão
Tel: +351 252 303 600 |

Penafiel Campus
Rua Direita, nº 5 (Ed. IINFACTS)
4560-485 Penafiel
Tel: +351 255 102 813


The CESPU Psychology services aims to support both undergraduate and graduate students at their educational institutions, in their teaching and learning processes as well as in their personal development. Here, students may make use of specific and personalized counselling about their personal issues and then be  directed to specialized services as necessary. This service is available at both the Gandra and Vila Nova de Famalicão campuses.



This office is responsible for providing individualized and personalized support to CESPU graduates as they seek job market placements. This service manages an interactive job listing serving both potential employers interested in hiring CESPU health care graduates as well as former students who are in the job market.

This office is also responsible for disseminating information about jobs schemes and helping CESPU graduates apply for them, as well as improving students’ job search methods. It is also in permanent contact with Jobs Centres across the country in order to keep its job listings up-to-date.