About the program/course of study

The Higher Professional Technician of support to the medical and dental offices is qualified to plan, promote, manage and participate autonomously and / or under guidance, clinical support activities to the medical and dental office, disinfection and sterilization, organization, secretariat, administrative support and information management, working in multidisciplinary teams, in direct or indirect service to users.

The constant advances in the Medical and Dental areas, both in terms of new methodologies and in terms of materials and equipment, increasingly require the training of professionals with specialized skills to support the medical and dental practice. The training of these professionals includes updated knowledge that allows them to perform tasks of clinical support, technical-administrative, management and interaction with users.

The main activities of the Higher Professional Technician in Support to Medical and Dental Offices are:

- To plan, coordinate and ensure the technical activities of the office, according to the rules of safety, hygiene and health at work;

- To manage the needs of supply and choice of equipment and materials necessary for the development of the activity of the medical and dental practice;

- To plan and ensure the execution of technical-administrative and service tasks, within the scope of the operation of a medical and dental office;

- To participate in the management of employees and perform administrative procedures of human resources;

- To ensure the correct registration, when requested, of information according to the instructions provided by Doctors, Dentists, Stomatologists, Oral Hygienists and Nurses, competent for the collection and validation of this information;

- To organize and ensure the preparation of the clinical and instrumental space necessary for clinical activities to support the medical act;

- To plan and guarantee procedures for the assistance and provision of first, basic health and well-being care, articulating with other health professionals duly qualified;

- To actively support the office's activities and perform clinical support and quality control procedures, under the instructions of duly qualified professionals.


Qualification level

Confers a diploma of higher professional technician


Access requirements

In accordance with Article 40 E of DL no. 63/2016 of 13 September, the HPTC courses taught at IPSN are open to: a. Those who have completed secondary education or legal equivalent; b. Those who pass special exams to evaluate capacity to attend higher education for those over 23 years old, held, for the course in question, in accordance with the terms of DL no. 64/2006, of 21 March, altered by DL no. 113/2014, of 16 July and DL no. 63/2016 of 13 September. The HPTC is also open to applicants who hold a technological specialization diploma, a higher professional technician diploma or a higher education degree.


Type of Recognition

The Higher Professional Technician of Support to the Medical and Dental Offices has a range of diversified alternatives, in relation to his exercise of functions, which covers public and private health care institutions, in particular medical and dental offices, medical centers and clinics, health centers and hospitals.