Areas of Activity

Apart from higher education, CESPU, CRL has extended its scope of intervention to other strategic activities, while consistently maintaining its strong presence within the health sector as the common denominator. Hence, in 2001, CESPU, CRL developed another important concept – that of the Group – giving it the necessary materiality through the establishment of companies dedicated to the referred to strategic areas, including: professional training, for which it created CESPU Formação (Training), S.A.; the management and provision of health services as an area developed by CESPU Serviços de Saúde (Health Services), S.A..  With this vertical integration strategy, the Group has come to increase its number of holdings, continuing to broaden its position in the health care market.

In addition to higher education and the provision of services to the community, scientific research represents one of CESPU, CRL’s main strategic vectors, and therefore, is referred to in all the statutes of the cooperative’s educational establishments. In effect, CESPU, CRL has made increased investments in this area, currently allocating about 1% of its annual budget to support research and development activities.Video Home 01