Master Dermopharmacy and Cosmetic


About the program/study cycles

The Master in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetic, grounded in the Pharmaceutical Sciences area, provides the acquisition of specific skills for professional practice in dermopharmacy and cosmetic sector, including community pharmacies, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and educational and research institutions.


At the end of the Master in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetic, students should be able to:

- Apply the scientific basis for the formulation and production of dermatological compounded medications and cosmetic products. 

- To know the regulation applicable to compounded medications and cosmetics.

- Have the ability to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of cosmetic products. 

- Conduct research studies in Dermopharmacy and Cosmetic.       

- Be able to perform pharmaceutical care practice in dermatologic problems at the community pharmacy.

- Ability to perform appropriate counseling in dermocosmetic products for different situations (e.g. facial and body care, pigmentation problems) attending the individual's skin type condition.

- Apply marketing concepts and trends of cosmetic products.


Academic Degree

Course accredited by A3ES on 18-06-2015 (CEF); University Education - 2nd cycle of studies leading to a Master's degree.


Official languages

English (minimum 10 students)
French (minimum 10 students)

Course duration

2 years - 4 semesters - 120 ECTS



Carmen Maribel Bento Teixeira



D.R. Order no. 175 10271/2015, of 8 september