Mestrado Ortodontia


About the program/cycle of studies

The Master's Degree in Orthodontics aims to develop and deepen themes addressed during the course of Dentistry, providing new professional skills by way of the study of cases and the implementation of clinical treatments. Students experience various techniques and therapeutic approaches regarding functional and corrective orthodontics and fixed orthodontics.

Other skills will be developed, including those related to scientific and clinical research. Thus, the Masters not only provides indispensable clinical training, but also addresses teaching and research in orthodontics, opening avenues to the possible application of the Specialization Course in Orthodontics.

Therefore, within the spirit of the Bologna process, professional and academic skills will be greatly increased, as well as those resulting from European guidance and those set out by the Dental Association in regards to continuing training throughout the career.


Academic Degree

Course accredited by A3ES on 04-08-2020 (CEF); University Education - 2nd cycle of studies leading a Master's degree.


Entry requirements

Applicants to a 2nd cycle of studies leading to a Master's Degree must: a) hold a Bachelor's Degree or a legal equivalent; b) hold a foreign academic degree that is considered to meet the criteria of the Bachelor's degree by the Scientific Committee of the institution of higher education they are applying to; c) have an academic, scientific, or professional curriculum that is judged to be sufficient proof of their ability to fulfil the requirements of this cycle of studies by the Scientific Committee of the institution of higher education they are applying to.


Official languages

English (minimum 10 students)
French (minimum 10 students)


Course duration

2 years - 4 semesters - 120 ECTS



Rui Manuel Simões Pinto



D.R. Notice no. 10915/2019, 12 june