About the program/course of study

The overarching goal is to provide advanced training on oral rehabilitation, accompanied by a current review of the state of the art in medicine and anatomy and physiology, biomaterials, diagnostic methods, surgery and oral implants.  The program represents an academic specialization in different areas of Oral Rehabilitation and a natural step towards the specialized development sought by those who intend to follow a path of professional specialization. The curricular component is conceptualized as a continuation of the cycles of study that provide students with a base training that, pending future professional legislation, may allow them to obtain a specialized title in the area. In the second year, the student completes clinical work, a project or a dissertation, providing them with prime practical experience fundamental to acquiring true professional experience in the area. Students present the results of this experience in a Report/Dissertation to be defended before a jury of professors/researchers who are qualified in that area.

The course of study was accredited by A3ES for a period of 6 years (ACEF, decision on 04-08-2020). More information athttp://www.a3es.pt/pt/resultados-acreditacao/reabilitacao-oral-1

Entry requirements

Applicants to a 2nd cycle of studies leading to a Master's Degree must: a) hold a Bachelor's Degree or a legal equivalent; b) hold a foreign academic degree that is considered to meet the criteria of the Bachelor's degree by the Scientific Committee of the institution of higher education they are applying to; c) have an academic, scientific, or professional curriculum that is judged to be sufficient proof of their ability to fulfil the requirements of this cycle of studies by the Scientific Committee of the institution of higher education they are applying to.


Official languages

English (minimum 10 students)
French (minimum 10 students)


Course duration

2 years - 4 semesters - 120 ECTS






D.R. Notice no. 9406/2019, de 15-05-19