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About the program/cycle of studies

The Nursing Degree works according to the process of adaptation to Bologna, with a duration of 4 academic years (8 semesters) for a total of 240 ECTS.  

The study plan for the Nursing Degree Course, taught at the Escola Superior de Saúde do Vale do Ave, is structured with different curricular units, semester and / or annual, with theoretical, theoretical-practical, laboratory practices, tutorial guidance and teaching clinical. Theoretical and clinical teaching are articulated in time, so that the second one develops as close as possible to the theoretical component that corresponds to it.


Student proactivity is an integral part of the educational project. Early students promote the development of crucial (interpersonal and systemic) skills to respond to social expectations. They develop their training in interdisciplinary and articulated contexts, at national and international level, which promotes socialization and the ability to work as a team.


Renewal of accreditation of the cycle of studies, by A3ES, on October 15, 2018 for 6 years. More information at https://www.a3es.pt/pt/resultados-acreditacao/enfermagem-42 


Type of recognition

Nursing graduates may practice nursing, as regulated in Portugal by Order no. 799-D/99, of 9 September, and by the European Directive 2005/36/CE, pending registration with the Nursing Association.


Entry requirements


Applies to all candidates who do not hold citizenship /relatives of any country that is a Member State of the European Union; or have not been legal residents in Portugal for more than two years.


  • Completed secondary school;
  • Document certifying that the candidate has a national exam of Biology in is education system with the minimum mark of approved in order to substitute our national access exam of Biologia e Geologia, and the respective contents, or take the exam in CESPU


Application Regimes:

General Access: Students who hold a foreign secondary diploma legally equivalent to the Portuguese secondary education. The Portuguese admission exams can be replaced by the equivalent final exams or school-leaving exams required for each degree, duly recognized DGES (Artigo 20º do Decreto-Lei n.º 296-A/98)1.

+23 years old Regime: Students aged over 23 can be admitted to higher education if they successfully completed the special entrance examination that evaluates the capacity to attend higher education courses at CESPU educational establishments, according to the law (DL 64/2006 de 21 de março, alterado pelo Decreto-Lei n.º 113/2014, de 16-07)

 Changing of Course/Institution: Is the act by which a student applies to the same or a different degree from that of the last registration, in the same or in a different institution of higher education, whether or not there was an interruption of the registration in accordance with the Portaria n.º 181-D/2015,  19 of June.

Holder of a Degree: Holders of a Bachelor, master or doctor degree obtained in national or foreign higher education institutions, as long as recognized by Decree law nº66 / 2018  (Decreto-Lei n.º 113/2014, de 16-07)


Official languages

English (minimum 20 students for the first year and in exceptional cases may extend to the second year)
French (minimum 20 students for the first year and in exceptional cases may extend to the second year)


Course duration

4 years - 8 semesters - 240 ECTS



Isabel Maria Batista de Araújo



Aviso n.º 12927/2019 


Main scientific areas


No. Compulsory



Biology and Biochemistry


Social and Behavioural Sciences


Life Sciences