About the program/cycle of studies

The Bachelor's Degree in Nursing is structured according to the Bologna process and lasts 4 academic years (8 semesters), corresponding to a total of 240 ECTS, in accordance with the Registry - R/B - AD - 131/2008, published in the Diário da República by the Order no. 6545/2008, of 11 February.

According to the Notice no. 8204/2014, of 7 July, published in the 2nd series of the Diário da República no. 133, of 14 July, the study plan for this course is organized into different subjects, which are either annual or bi-annual. It organised into a combination of lectures, theoretical and practical laboratory experience, tutorials, and clinical teaching. The theoretical and clinical teaching are coordinated so that the latter takes place as closely in time as possible to the theoretical component to which it corresponds.

Student community involvement is an integral part of the educational process regarding cultural extension, and enhances the early development of those skills (interpersonal and systemic) which are crucial for being able to meet today’s social expectations.

Nursing graduates are legally recognized as professionals with the scientific, technical and human competences to provide general nursing care to persons, families, groups and communities in terms of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

Course accredited by A3ES 02-03-2011 (CEF).


Academic Degree

Polytechnic Education, Bachelor's Degree, 1st cycle of studies leading to a Bachelor's degree, ISCED Level 5.


Type of recognition

Nursing graduates may practice nursing, as regulated in Portugal by Order no. 799-D/99, of 9 September, and by the European Directive 2005/36/CE, pending registration with the Nursing Association.


Entry requirements

International applicants for admission and enrolment in the Bachelor's degree and Integrated Masters, must:

  • hold a qualification granting them access to higher education, such as a diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority which attests to the successful completion of an educational programme and authorises them to apply for and enrol in higher education in the country where it was conferred; or
  • hold a secondary education degree legally equivalent to the Portuguese secondary education.

Under the regulations for international students, candidates must take an exam at CESPU. (Decree-Law no. 36/2014)


Official languages

English (minimum 20 students for the first year and in exceptional cases may extend to the second year)
French (minimum 20 students for the first year and in exceptional cases may extend to the second year)


Course duration

4 years - 8 semesters - 240 ECTS



Clarisse Maria de Sousa Magalhães



D.R. Notice no. 8204/2014, of 14 July


Main scientific areas


No. Compulsory



Biology and Biochemistry


Social and Behavioural Sciences


Life Sciences