Applies to all candidates who do not hold citizenship /relatives of any country that is a Member State of the European Union; or have not been legal residents in Portugal for more than two years.


  • Completed secondary school;
  • Document certifying that the candidate has a national exam of Biology in is education system with the minimum mark of approved in order to substitute our national access exam of Biologia e Geologia, and the respective contents*

*if you have not taken the test you can do in the institution.

Application Documents:

  1. Application form; (available to the candidate at the moment of application)
  2. Statement for non-European Union students; (available to the candidate at the moment of application)
  3. Passport copy;
  4. Diploma or certifcate of academic qualifcations of access to higher education, with the respective classifcations and contents*;
  5. Document issued by a competent authority stating that the qualifcations, which the applicant has, allows the access to higher education in the country in which they were conferred*;
  6. Secondary education diploma legally equivalent to the conclusion of the Portuguese secondary education*;
  7. Certifcate of training in the Portuguese language for evaluation of suitability, when applicable;
  8. Certifcate of residence abroad;

*All the certifcates must be authenticated by the offcial education services of the respective country and recognized by the Portuguese diplomatic or consular authority in that country, or apostille of the Hague Convention. If the diploma’s is not issued in any language other than Portuguese, Spanish, French, English or Italian must be submitted accompanied by an offcial translation.

Polytechnic Education278 Kbytes University Education258 Kbytes


Application Regimes:

National Admission: Students who hold a foreign secondary diploma legally equivalent to the Portuguese secondary education. The Portuguese admission exams can be replaced by the equivalent final exams or school-leaving exams required for each degree (Artigo 20º do Decreto-Lei n.º 296-A/98)1.

Aged over 23 Admission: Students aged over 23 can be admitted to higher education if they successfully completed the special entrance examination that evaluates the capacity to attend higher education courses at CESPU educational establishments, according to the law Decreto-Lei nº 64/2006 de 21 de março 2;

Course Change or Transfer Admission: The Course Change and Transfer admission are required to the legal and statutorily competent body of each higher education institution, in accordance with the directive Portaria n.º 401/2007, de 5 de Abril3.

Course Change: Is the act by which a student applies to a different degree from that of the last registration, in the same or in a different institution of higher education, whether or not there was an interruption of the registration.

Transfer: Is the act by which a student applies and registries in the same degree but in an institution of higher education different from the one that he is or has been registered, whether or not there was an interruption of the registration.


The annual fee will be divided in 12 monthly payments.

The tuition fee includes teaching sessions, all the material required to the laboratory classes and registration in the normal examinations season.

Special conditions – please contact the Admission Office.


  • Application Form
  • Personal Identification Card
  • Photos
  • Studies certificate
  • Transcript of records (only applicable to Course Change or Transfer Admission)

1 Portuguese law

2 Id

3 Id


+351 224 157 100  +351 933 274 110